James Calder
1983 - Jimmy's first parade.

Instrument:  Snare Drum

Birthday:  September 21 1969

Hometown: Tonawanda, NY

Where you live now:  Tonawanda, NY

Occupation:  Machine operator

Other interests:  Spending time with my two kids, sports and chauffeuring my kids
      to their games

Number of years played: 28

Joined band when:  Started 1981 first gig 1983

Other bands played in:  Braemar 1993-1995

Favorite pipe band:  SFU, FMM and 78th

Favorite pipe tune:  Up to the Line and Clumsy Lover

Favorite band engagement:  Loon Mountain, NH games

Favorite memory with the band:  NYC tartan day parade 2002, Scotland trip 2005

Piping / Drumming awards:  Dress and Deportment when the PM makes us wear our