Robert I. Calder
CNY Scottish Games, 1982

Instrument: Snare Drum

Birthday:  August 1965

Where you live now:  Cheektowaga, New York

Number of years played:  29

Joined band when: 1976-1984, 1990 to present

Other bands played in:   Braemar Pipe Band 1993-1995
                        Niagara Police Pipe Band 1996-2009
                        Penetangore Pipe Band 2010

Favorite pipe band:  FMM / Vic Polis / 78th

Favorite pipe tune:  Cameronian Rant

Favorite band engagement:  The Worlds

Favorite memory with the band:
I have many memories over the years but two stand out most.
1.  Competing for the 1st time with my son Robbie on bass at Hunter Mountain.  He had never played bass before that contest.  BTW we won that day :)
2.  Playing down the hill at Rothesay after the band finished 4th in 2005.