Peter Cormack
Sometime in the early to mid 1940s ???

Instrument: Bagpipes

Birthday: May 29, 1939

Hometown: Buffalo, NY

Where you live now: Pittsford, NY

Occupation: Clinical/Forensic Psychologist, Retired

Other interests: Toy Trains, Fishing

Number of years played: 60

Joined band when: First membership - 1958-1961 (founding member)
Second membership 2008

Other bands played in: Heather Highlanders, Buffalo, NY - 3 years
Gordon Highlanders, Buffalo, NY - 2 years
Main Line Pipe Band, Gladwyn, PA - 2 years
City of Rochester Pipe Band, Rochester, NY - 13 years
Damascus Shrine Pipe Band, Rochester, NY - 4 years
Braemar Pipe Band, Niagara Falls, ON - 2 years
Feadan Or Pipe Band, Rochester, NY - 16 years

Favorite pipe band: Simon Fraser University Pipe Band

Musical interests outside bagpipes and drums: Country and Western, Soft rock

Favorite pipe tune: Mrs. MacPherson of Inveran

Favorite band engagement: Each year has its highlight but they all seem to involve beer and/or single malt

Favorite memory with the band: The night of the "Swamp Donkey!"

Piping/Drumming awards: Pipe Major, City of Rochester Pipe Band - 1972-1976
Pipe Major Emeritus, City of Rochester Pipe Band 1992
Pipe Sergeant, Feadan Or Pipe Band - 1998-2003

PIpe Band Influences: Ken Eller, Jake Watson, Angus MacLeod, Jack Strickland