Mark Kelley
Left: Hunter Mtn, NY 1982. Right: Springfield, MA 1985.

Instrument: Bagpipes

Birthday: Aug 14, 1965

Hometown: Rome, NY

Where you live now: Depew, NY

Occupation: Fixing computers and stuff.

Other interests: Keeping a 2-year old happy takes up all my free time.

Number of years played: 32

Joined band when: 2009

Other bands played in:
78th Fraser Highlanders (now known as Mohawk Valley Frasers) 1981-1990
Oneida & District Pipe Band 1991
Braemar Pipe Band 1992-1995
Niagara Regional Police Pipe Band 1996-2008

Favorite pipe band(s): Any with a good sound

Musical interests outside bagpipes and drums: Where to start... Give me an instrument, and I'll figure out how to play it (probably badly, but..)

Favorite pipe tune:  Dawning of the Day (why don't more bands play this?) :)

Favorite band engagement: Anything with free beer at the end of it.

Favorite memory with the band: Taking 1st place at Hunter Mountain in 2010.